Adaptability is Important for Health

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When I have a new patient in my clinic one of the first things I educate them about is how stresses cause sickness.  Most sickness in the world, whether it is cancer, heart disease, depression or spinal degeneration is caused by 3 types of stresses we are constantly bombarded by:

1. Physical Stresses: injuries, repetitive movements, computer work, using cell phones & sitting

2. Mental Stresses: stress from finances, relationship challenges, stressful workplaces

3. Chemical Stresses: food preservatives/sweeteners, medications, cleaning/hygiene products

As hard as we try, we will never be able to fully rid ourselves of these 3 forms of stress. It does help to try to eliminate stresses as much as possible and I teach this in my 5 for Life workshops. However, we will always be exposed to some form of detrimental stress. This is where chiropractic care helps.

Recent research from New Zealand has shown with PET scan imaging that a chiropractic adjustment alters your brain activity to help your body deal with stress. Essentially, a chiropractic adjustment helps your body ADAPT to all the stresses that you are faced with better than it would if your spine was subulxated (out of alignment) and your nervous system had nerve interference. When your body has nerve interference and it CAN NOT ADAPT to stresses. This is when your body breaks down and disease develops. When your body is functioning at it’s best ability and CAN ADAPT to stresses, then you body can deal with stresses appropriately and you continue to exude optimal health. Now that’s what I want for me, my family, and you!!!

Get adjusted every 1-2 weeks to keep your body functioning optimally and able to deal with stress.

Your Stress-Buster,

Dr. Rob