Why I Adjust My Children

Image of Dr.Rob and his two boys

I have been giving my adjusting my children with chiropractic care since the day they were born because I know it helps them be the best that they can be. It gives them that extra leg-up with their health.

Many people ask why I provide care for children because they surely cannot have the same problems that adults have; but they do. It’s important to understand that subluxations (spinal misalignments causing neurological interference) are a natural occurring phenomena, just like developing tartar on your teeth. It’s going to happen. Adults are subluxated from stress, gardening, sleeping, sitting, driving, using computers & cell phones, and repetitive work motions. Newborns are subluxated from intra-uterine constraint and the birth process. Adolescents are subluxated from video gaming & hand-held devices, sports, and good ole’ rambunctious play. It’s impossible to avoid subluxations. Period.

Some people never have an adjustment throughout their life and live to be 90 in good health. Their subluxations have more than likely not caused a significant amount of nerve interference. Other people see dramatic improvements with their health when they remove their nerve interference because it was adversely effecting their health. This principle applies to newborns, children, and adults. I adjust my immediate family, extended family, friends and patients to remove their nerve interference and let their POWER that runs their body flow freely along their spinal cord and nerves. When the brain communicates with the body with no interference, the body can function and heal at its optimal potential. Now your is POWER IS ON! Do you want your family to experience life with their power off or their POWER ON! That is why I adjust my children regularly.

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Rob