Chiropractic Adjustments Help Breastfeeding

Image of a new mother and a baby
Moms who are eager to breastfeed their newborns often find themselves disheartened if they run into difficulties with nursing.  They may find their infant is having trouble maintaining suction on the nipple, or becoming irritable during or after nursing.  Insufficient weight gain may become a concern and the mother may suffer from blocked milk ducts, crack nipples or painful breasts.
Chiropractic care offers a conservaive approach for helping breastfeeding which appeals to many parents.  It is gentle, non-invasive and proven-safe.  As chiropractors, we look for what is obstructing normal function – breastfeeding in this case.  Chiropractic care fascilitates the chid’s body to heal on its own and restore normal function rather than turning to harmful medications.
Breastfeeding issues and can be linked to biomechanical issues of the child’s jaw, cranium or spine that occur during pregnancy from intrauterine constraint, breech presentation, difficult passage down the birth canal, or the birth process itself.   A baby that is having trouble nursing most often has biomechanical issues impeding their nervous system in one or more of these areas. It is my experience that when these biomechanical issues and subsequent nerve interference are corrected with chiropractic care the infant often resumes normal breastfeeding.
The birth process is a traumatic event for a newborm even under normal circumstances.  Aside from breastfeeding issues, other health concerns such as colic, consitpation, respiratory infections, reduced sleep, ear infections and head colds may be linked to issues with an infant’s head and spine obstructing normal function and healing. That is why I recommend a thorough chiropractic examination for all newborms; examining for biomechanical issues that medical doctors do not examine for.
Graciously serving,
Dr. Rob